Our Story

IdeooHub was born during a trip to Vietnam back in October/2015.

Will and Helena were both digital professionals, his experience was mainly in SEO and how to generate big traffic to websites and her experience involved market research, segmentation, and conversion rate optimisation.

They decided to start a digital consultancy and innovation lab focused on using their contacts network and in helping digital entrepreneurs or traditional businesses succeed online.

Will in Hanoi, Vietnam

The domain was registered from the hotel lounge, Will made some phone calls and on the same day they have set up a first meeting to connect with a local institution even though they only had tourist clothes.

Helena getting ready for IdeooHub’s first meeting in Vietnam while she only had her tourist clothes – a day she will never forget!

The first website was up in less than a day. Of course, it has improved a lot since then.

After a bumpy ride, lots of mistakes and learnings, IdeooHub has survived for more than a year and is now helping several businesses improve their online sales from startups to FTSE250 companies.