Digital Analytics

Data does not need to be complicated. We simplify the process for you and help your business make more money in the process

Our digital analytics approach helps you achieve your digital marketing business goals. IdeooHub can help you:

    • Understand your digital audience
    • Rapidly visualise your digital analytics data to help spot market trends
    • Improve the quality of customer data you get
    • Spend less time analysing data
    • Increase web traffic
    • Save money on advertising campaigns
    • Increase conversion rates
Our goal is to make the complex simple and a typical digital analytics process could include:

  • Digital Analytics audit
  • Tagging and measurement plan
  • Setting up machine learning algorithms that increase the level of personalisation for your ads so you get more targeted traffic
  • Rapid visualisation and automation for your digital data
  • Setting up AB Testing campaigns
  • Training your marketing team to get the most of digital analytics