Which platform to choose when building a website for your business

Selecting the right content management system for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make during the initial stages of your website construction. Keep reading for a summary of some of the most popular platforms, together with some key advantages and disadvantages, to assist with making the right decision for your […]

How email newsletters can create community and brand loyalty

The notion of sending a weekly or a monthly newsletter out to email subscribers is not a new one, especially if its core objective is to promote a brand’s other online content. A tried and tested marketing tool, newsletters can be hugely successful for driving traffic and increasing sales, however the adoption of a slightly […]

How Snapchat is shifting the marketing landscape

Snapchat Stories has become a social media phenomenon, prompting a variety of tech companies and social media platforms to take inspiration from, or almost outright copy, its format. Apple has just introduced Clips, and Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger have all been pushing the story format for a while. Even Twitter’s Moments feature was created […]

How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews Positively and Constructively

Between honest mistakes and simple misunderstandings, every business will encounter negative online reviews, and businesses have been grappling with how best to deal with them since the birth of the online review website. Many businesses have decided that quietly absorbing the criticism without commenting is the best way forward, but it sometimes appears as though […]